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Whether you are adding a second story, a new master suite, or a state-of-the-art kitchen, Fusion Constructor has deep expertise in large-scale renovation projects. We’ve helped homeowners breathe new life into their existing homes, creating spectacular new spaces that deliver unmatched value and uncompromising quality. You can rest assured knowing that these services are all completed by the same talent and craftsmanship that goes into our custom homes.

Interior Design

The creativity and design expertise of our in-house interior design team, comes as another valued benefit of Fusion Constructor. Involved from the earliest phases of design planning, our team listens closely to understand your priorities, style preferences, and lifestyle and to assist you with not only the interior selections including floors, fixtures, appliances, finishes, carpets, window treatments, wall decor, textiles, decorative accents and accessories, but the exterior finished and your architectural design as well. By encompassing the design in its many realms, the results are undeniably cohesive and custom.

Comprehensive Services

From floor plans, custom cabinetry, and interior and exterior design selections, to furnishings and everything in between, we offer clients a fully-integrated, all-inclusive, design+build experience that is efficient, well-organized and refreshingly smooth. Whether the task is to tame a river high in the Himalayas to create power or build restraining walls in a marine environment, be it digging deep into the heart of a mountain or tunnelling under bustling cities to build metro rail systems, the Heavy Civil Infrastructure business vertical does all these and more, operating in some of most hostile conditions and challenging terrains. Our expertise is in the design, engineering and construction of projects in segments crucial to the economy like Metros, Nuclear, Hydel, Ports, Special Bridges, Tunnels and Defence. As perhaps the foremost builder, the business has a footprint covering 4 geographies – India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bangladesh – and 19 projects that have already been executed or being currently constructed. The business possesses the expertise to build special buildings using ingenious and cutting-edge techniques With strong presence business has in-house design strengths and unique construction methodology cells to competently deliver concept-to-commissioning solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

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